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Demi – Dynamic WAN interconnection for multiple NFVI-PoP locations

Dynamic WAN interconnection for multiple NFVI-PoP locations

— Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization Testbed

within FIRE+ -2nd Open Call – Industrial Innovation


Orchestration of end-to-end services needs to provide integrated control of Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) and Wide Area Network (WAN) services. In order to achieve integration of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) with WAN connectivity services, DEMI proposes the development, integration, and validation of the WAN Manager to the existing federated SoftFIRE testbed, targeting on the interworking and interoperability objectives of the second open call. DEMI addresses the integration of WAN connectivity service models with Network Function Virtualization (NFV), particularly for the deployment of transit VNFs, which account for a large share of the VNFs that are candidate to be offered following the widespread “as-a-Service” model. The proposed module will manage the WAN resources in a similar way that the Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) manages resources within a NFVI Point of Presence (PoP) network.

In brief, the DEMI WAN management module will provide new mechanisms and tools in order to describe the WAN network in terms of a set of common network abstractions and for this purpose WAN Manager will provide an abstraction to the NFVO to hide the specific characteristics of the underlying infrastructure. Next, the DEMI WAN management module will locate network connectivity resources by using common federated network state. This will include all current blocked paths and failure events. Afterwards, WAN manager will propose optimal connectivity paths based on quality assurance factors. Finally, WAN Manager will orchestrate services and infrastructure to establish connectivity over the physical network.… Read the rest


LENA – Flex


LENA targets to experimentation on the FLEX LTE facilities by combining the existing Evolved Node B (eNB) with an execution infrastructure. In this direction, LENA will enhance the LTE FLEX testbed with a Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Point-of-Presence, for deploying core functionalities as Virtual Network Functions (VNF) at the network’s edge.… Read the rest


Orion Innovations in 5G!

ORION INNOVATIONS P.C. participates in 5GPPP EU SESAME project, with total budget of around 8 million euros. According to the common EU-5GPPP association vision, SESAME project is one of the seventeen projects that will allow EU citizens to enter the coming 5G communication era. ORION sees the participation in SESAME as a unique opportunity to elaborate its DPI VNF for usage at the network edge.
5GPPP SESAME project proposes the Cloud-Enabled Small Cell (CESC) concept, a new multi-operator enabled Small Cell that integrates a virtualised execution platform (i.e., the Light DC) for deploying Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), supporting powerful self-x management and executing novel applications and services inside the access network infrastructure. The Light DC will feature low-power processors and hardware accelerators for time critical operations and will build a high manageable clustered edge computing infrastructure. This approach will allow new stakeholders to dynamically enter the value chain by acting as neutral host providers in high traffic areas where densification of multiple networks is not practical.

https://5g-ppp.eu/sesame/Read the rest