Systems Engineering and Integration

Our staff has diverse technical background on a wide spectrum of technologies as well as deep knowledge on network and interface protocols.
Given this background, we can undertake the design of complex systems as well as systems-of-systems, integrating heterogeneous components and services in a common architecture. System engineering includes collection of requirements, system design, identification and specification of interfaces, protocols and services.
Going a step further into the implementation phase, we can undertake the actual integration of the system, performing specialized tasks such as:
• adaptation and configuration of individual components
• design and implementation of the backbone communications infrastructure
• integration of physical adaptors and interfaces
• development of protocol translators and adaptors
• development of central management consoles
• development of added-value services on the integrated system

Two indicative integration projects we have already successfully carried out:

  • Complex asset management and supervision via satellite – Integration of heterogeneous sensors (incl. optical and IR cameras, voltage sensors and water level sensors) with a satellite access network, featuring a custom-built bandwidth management component for optimizing data transfer over the limited satellite uplink. Development of a web-based dashboard.
  • Cellular data interface for UAV data and control – Customisation and integration of a secure 3G/4G communications module in a UAV (multicopter) for data digitization, encryption and transmission over the cellular network, using VPN technology. This results in a virtually unlimited data transmission coverage, compared to the limited range of the existing UAV data link.