Network Design and Implementation

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the state-of-the art as well as current trends in network technologies, we have the potential to design and implement complex communication infrastructures, achieving an optimal trade-off between network performance and implementation cost, always aligned to the requirements of the customer.
Our expertise allows us to optimally combine heterogeneous technologies (wired and wireless, fiber and copper, cellular and satellite) into a common infrastructure, yielding solutions from an enterprise LAN to a large-scale Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) bridging hundreds of endpoints over terrestrial and satellite. We can also offer the flexibility to couple cutting-edge hardware components with custom network functionalities based on open-source software so as to propose tailored, balanced and cost-efficient solutions, serving a wide spectrum of customer needs.

Our turn-key network design and implementation services include:

  • Requirements collection
  • Traffic estimation and Quality of Service constraints
  • Network dimensioning
  • Technology selection and network design
  • Network integration and implementation
  • Network benchmarking